I live in Southern Ireland with my two Labradors and two Whippets. I grew up in UK and always had a great love for outdoor life and the countryside. From a young age I had horses and dogs and spent a lot of time on my grandfathers dairy farm in Sussex; in fact my first job as a teenager was working on a farm in Hampshire helping with the harvest.

The whippets - Crumpet and Treacle

 At school traditional topics were not my strong point, instead I chose to focus on art given that it was the only topic I ever truly enjoyed and  understood. My first encounter with clay actually involved taking my horse to school and casting its foot in the classroom. However, It wasn’t until  much later in life that I rediscovered my artistic interests when I attended a night class in ceramics at Farnborough College. Working with clay again  really piqued my creative curiosity because working with this medium can be a real journey; any mistakes one makes can actually be adapted or  remolded into a truly unique and successful piece.

 I moved to Ireland with my daughter in 2002 to be closer to family friends and to enjoy the beautiful and inspiring landscape and seascapes that the  south west has to offer. Shortly afterwards I began sculpting in earnest taking my inspiration from the wildlife I grew up amongst, including horses,  hares and dogs. Over time I took on a more diverse range of work focusing on the local sea birds of the rugged coast on my doorstep.

 Alongside my sculpture I also run a successful dog training and dog grooming business which brings many characterful muses my way and which also  allows me to use my hands on real live animals. I also successfully shown my whippets and have placed at Crufts 3 times in the last 4 years.

I spend a lot of time with my daughter who now runs a sheep farm with her husband  and I often return to the UK to visit my son who has made a successful career for himself in oceanography and coastal engineering.

I am a vibrant and outgoing hands on person with a real love of wildlife. I particularly enjoy creating ceramic pieces with a slightly macabre flair and enjoy exploring the darker side of nature in my work.